ProFM is the Most Comprehensive, Career-Applicable ​Credential for Today's FM Professionals​

It addresses the challenges, dilemmas and difficulties FMs face in the real world. ProFM defines what FMs need to know to excel in their careers, offers a comprehensive training program to get those skills, and awards a global credential to recognize their achievements.


FM Training Designed for You and Your Team.

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  Study On Your Own​

Self-study course includes reading materials, online study tools, and the embedded ProFM final assessments.

  Study With A Coach​

Self-study course materials with 7 online coaching sessions led by an expert instructor, and the embedded ProFM final assessments.

  Train Your Team​​

Courses customized for your team of 2 or more people based on the Self-Study, Coached Self-Study or Instructor-Led Course options, available at volume discount pricing. Contact us to begin building a program that fits your team’s unique needs.

*Program available for 12 months from original purchase date. All prices in US dollars.

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Special Pricing and Customized Group Training is available​
  • Significant savings of $370 or more start with groups of 2+. Pricing based on group size and delivery option.
  • Contact us for government and non-profit pricing.

Advance Your Career and ​Bring Value to Your Organization​

With ProFM, you get the most up-to-date and comprehensive FM credential on the market developed by globally recognized FM professionals.​

Why is the ProFM the Best Option for You and Your Organization​


Current & Relevant​
Updated and validated in 2022

Combines Business Skills with FM Knowledge​

Built with your preferred learning style in mind​

Globally Recognized​
Incorporates ISO 41000 series of Global FM Standards

Career Advancement
​Fills FM knowledge gaps at all career levels​

Team Development
Builds team confidence, capability, & credibility​​

Created by FM Professionals for FM Professionals​

The ProFM Credential was developed with input from more than 3,300 facility professionals spanning 93 countries. It is supported by the Professional Facility Management Institute, which is comprised of a volunteer commission of FM thought leaders, as well as adult education experts with more than 50 years’ experience in developing and supporting professional development training.​


But, Don't Just Take Our Word for It. Ask These FMs.

The knowledge I gained from the ProFM program gives me the confidence to know I can provide the best facility management experience for all involved and keeps me up to speed with the fast-changing facility management setting.

Lisa Trayter, ProFM​
Director of Facilities and Transportation
School District

FMs can only dedicate a limited amount of time and funding to training and credentials. ProFM covers all the subject matter of up to 10 other FM credentials combined.

John Hajduk, ProFM
Executive Director, Facilities Operations​

ProFM opens your mind to all facets of the FM profession, from the building of a facility to the response to an emergency. Many other programs will touch on a variety of topics but exclude others. This program does well with informing FM professionals on every topic they may encounter.

Nick Clark, ProFM​
Department of General Services

Know Your FM Knowledge Baseline​

Knowledge and skill gaps may be holding you back from boosting your performance and building your confidence in the workplace. Try our Map Your Gap self-assessment and receive a FREE REPORT showing your areas of strength and your opportunities to grow.

3 Key Steps for Advancing Your Career


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With ProFM, you get the most up-to-date and comprehensive FM credential on the market developed by globally recognized professionals, preparing you to advance your career and bring more value to your organization.



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